maweco GmbH & Co KG
Your reliable partner for high-quality steel assemblies

Our head office is located in the town of Schmallenberg in the middle of the Sauerland region. We operate two locations there. We also produce at our components plant in Romania.

About mawecoGmbH & Co. KG

Our work

Laser operators, construction mechanics, welders, punching and forming mechanics, toolmakers, assembly staff, technicians and engineers create value from steel at the highest level.


Our values of tolerance, honesty and sincerity, respect and recognition as well as passion and solidarity are reflected in our actions.

Our core competencies include laser cutting, forming, welding, mechanical processing and assembly. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services.

As a company, it goes without saying that every customer is first and foremost a person. We attach great importance to taking our customers’ needs seriously and understanding them comprehensively. This is the only way we can achieve optimum customer satisfaction by developing the overall process together.

Our aim is to redefine the quality of our product range by focusing on the actual needs of our customers. Because quality has many facets and every customer has their own ideas and wishes.

Our orientation is based on the perception of our customers’ emotions and motives. We look at your needs and offer you a customized solution that meets your expectations.

Compliance and responsibility - Our corporate actions

At maweco, our business activities are aligned with the legal systems of the various countries and regions in which we operate. We have a responsibility that we take seriously and always conduct our business responsibly and in accordance with legal regulations and official rules.

We expect our employees to behave legally and ethically in their day-to-day business. Because the behavior of each individual employee influences the reputation of our company. Regular training sessions and dialog with line managers are designed to ensure that our employees are familiar with the internal Code of Conduct and the various legal regulations and official rules that apply in the countries in which they work.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our business is conducted in accordance with applicable law. Compliance and responsibility are important to us in order to gain and maintain the trust of our customers, employees and business partners.

Why maweco

Why should you choose our services? We are an internationally operating company that specializes in technically demanding and complex products and has already served well-known customers with the highest reputation. As a medium-sized company, we attach great importance to short communication channels and quick decisions, which gives our customers a high level of decision-making authority and flexibility. Our young, dynamic team always works with the latest technologies and methods and our company continuously invests in the latest innovations. We also attach great importance to creating a good work-life balance for our employees and offer numerous benefits to support this. In summary, our company offers a unique combination of international reach, technical expertise, flexibility and modern corporate culture, which makes us an ideal partner for the implementation of your projects.